Jump Rope Workout Routine for Beginners

If you are new to training with jump ropes and wondering what workout routine to follow, then these simple jump rope routines will fit your needs. You will learn how to perform the different techniques, which exercises to give attention to, what tips to keep in mind, and how to adjust the workout program to match your fitness level.

Before you start, make sure you are using the proper jump rope technique and have the right-sized rope along with a timer.

Jump Rope Workout Routine for Beginners

10-Minute Jump Rope Workout Routine

It focuses on four simple workouts, including:

  • Basic Jump Rope
  • Single Jump Rope
  • Alternating Feet Jump Rope
  • Jump Rope Jacks

Set a 20-second-timer so that you can do each jump rope technique for 20 seconds, consecutively. After performing the four exercises, rest for 40 seconds to complete a 2-minute long set. Do 5 repetitions so that the total time required for completing the entire workout program adds up to 10 minutes.

If it is too easy to perform, you can increase the intensity by incorporating as many jumps as possible in each of the 20-second sessions.

15-Minute Jump Rope Workout Routine

It includes four workouts in each set and a 2-minute rest after each one of them.

  • Freestyle jump rope for 60 seconds
  • Mountain climbers for 30 seconds
  • Freestyle jump rope for 60 seconds
  • Planks for 30 seconds

Perform each set three times, setting the timer to 60-seconds on and 30-seconds off. You can do the basic jump rope or choose from any of the variations for the freestyle session. If you need rest, use the 30-seconds plank session to recover from the closely-packed workouts.

50-Minute Jumping Rope Workout Routine

During this routine, you need to perform five exercises (three for beginners) in each set which is to be repeated thrice and rest for 3 minutes after each set. It involves:

  • Light intensity jumps rope for 5 minutes
  • One minute of rest or 1 minute of plank (optional for beginners)
  • Medium intensity jumps for 4 minutes
  • One minute of rest or 1 minute of plank (optional for beginners)
  • High intensity jumps for 3 minutes

For increasing the intensity, you need to increase the speed of your jumps in each set. You may use a heavier rope in the second set and switch to the original in the third. It will help you in finding a good rhythm and building endurance.


  • Start with a 1/4 lb rope and switch to a heavier rope once you have mastered the basics.
  • Maintain the right balance and posture while jumping.
  • Do the workouts without jumping too high or bringing the knees up.

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