Hi, and welcome to 101Exercise.com. My name is Jonathan Rivera, the owner of this website. I am a certified personal trainer and a fitness freak who believes that proper physical and mental health is the only thing we need for a better future.

More About Me

I have not been aware of the power of exercising all my life. But once I saw the wonders a weekly physical therapy session worked on my father after he sustained some pretty serious injuries in a motorcycle accident (at the age of 48), it inspired me. After high school, I finally went on to take this passion seriously and took up personal training and exercise science for college studies. I realized most people still don’t understand the importance of fitness in their lives. So, after finishing my education in personal training (in 2015), I decided to try and reach out to as many people as I could, and that’s when I decided to make this website.

Landon Hughes

Hello, I am Landon Hughes, a professional graphic designer, part-time animator, and long-time friend of the owner of this site. The primary goal of 101Exercise is to inspire more people to get into shape and let them know that working out can be fun. With that purpose, Jonathan got me on board to design simple animated pictorial instructions for all the exercises on this website. It makes it easier to learn the steps than having to read them, and we hope it will help our readers, and ultimately our endeavor to build a ‘fitter’ future.

We hope to see you again!

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