Jump Rope For Boxing

Why Jump Rope is Good for Boxing Training

Jump rope is one of the best forms of training routine used by boxers and other professional sportspersons. It mimics many exercise movements, allowing you to sprint, jog, squat, twist, turn, jump high, or lunge. You can vary the speed, intensity, rhythm, and difficulty to achieve the ultimate workout routine. It makes you more conscious of your feet, which helps in developing your coordination and improved footwork in the ring.

Choosing the Best Jump Rope for Boxing

  1. Plastic Rope without 90-Degree Connection: Suitable for beginners, although, swinging the rope for ‘double-unders’ technique would be difficult requiring more effort.
  2. Plastic Jump Rope and Plastic Handles with 90 Degree Connection: Good for improving coordination and rhythm.
  3. PVC Jump Rope with padded handles and ball bearings: Suitable for experienced people, allows a faster jump with each swing.

Boxing Jump Rope Routine

Boxing Jump Rope Workout Routine

How Long should You do It

Boxers may use it for warming up or cooling down, performing the jump ropes for 10-15 minutes and completing three sets without any rest before starting their boxing exercises. If you are a beginner, doing three rounds continuously without rest could be challenging to achieve. You can set a target of 3 minutes and then gradually progress towards increasing the duration. Once you are accustomed to the basic jump, you can try to increase the speed during the last 10-15 seconds of each set and then slow it during the cool down phase.

Jump Rope Techniques You can Use for Boxing

Incorporate jump rope variations like the basic forward jump, alternating feet jump, side to side jump, single leg jump, criss cross jump, and double unders into your boxing workout regimen to improve your punching power, endurance, breathing efficiency, and the ability to stay calm.

Tips for Beginners

Shorter, faster jumps are better for boxers looking to improve their rhythm than the higher and slower jumps.

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